Philipp’s Playground in the Cloud

15 Jun 2018

AWS Focus

Besides my microservices adventures I spent a fair amount of time looking into Amazon Webservices (AWS) during the last few weeks. I have some practical experience with some of the services as you can read in an article I wrote previously. At the beginning of the year I decided to also do some formal training and to take their Certified Solution Architect Associate exam (the new one). I am happy to announce that I passed the exam in April and you can see my certificate below. I used ACloud Guru’s online course to prepare for the test.

AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate

AWS is running a number of summits across the globe since the beginning of the year and I visited one end of May which took place in Den Haag. It was quite an impressive event given the number of participants and the overall organisation. The speakers have uploaded their presentations here. I took some inspiration back home especially from the tracks around CI/CD as well as serverless computing. In regards to CI and CD I think I have made good progress, however I have to admit that I never spent too much time looking into testing really so this might be something I can focus a bit more. Also I am convinced that there is a good use case for serverless in Harvee, maybe I will implement one of the next microservices as a lambda function.